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We believe we have a responsibility to serve our customers over the long run by doing our part to address the immense issues facing our planet today. Through our goals, partnerships and new initiatives, we're moving faster on environmental sustainability with more ambition than ever before.

Nearly every part of our business has an impact on the environment. By focusing our efforts on three key impact areas, we hope to make meaningful progress on the most critical topics. And because these issues require bold action that's only possible with cooperation and collaboration, we're continuing to partner with our customers, across our industry and with leading experts.

It is our hope that togehter with our customers, we can work toward a more sustainable future for us and generations to come.

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Our community support extends to the health, safety and human rights of all people, including our customers, our employees and those who make the products we sell. Our Human Rights Commitment outlines what this means for us and our business.

When it comes to the people who manufacture for Jewelry & Co., we partner with factories around the world to help ensure all the workers who produce our products have a safe and healthy work environment.

Jewelry & Co seeks suppliers that share our commitment to producing quality products through ethical business practices. Every supplier we work with receives a copy of and commits to following our Partnership Guidelines, which outline the requirements we have for suppliers around employment practices, workers' rights, environmental standards, work environments and applicable local laws. Supporting ethical working practices and women's empowerment are our human rights priorities.

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Our Company Jewelry & Co Ltd., social responsibility program is rooted in transparency and continuous improvement. We work to foster candid, collaborative and ongoing partnerships that help our suppliers improve their processes, policies and standards over time. By maintaining an open dialogue with our suppliers, we receive more accurate information about the working state of factories, which lets us offer more relevant training and other support for sustainable improvements.

We have production in many factories each year, and we disclose our suppliers' names and locations as part of our commitment to transparency.


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